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hey everybody, first of i wanna apologize for the lack of contact and activity on our homepage.
we have tried our best on keeping this server alive. but we just couldn't do it anymore.

Sam is an artist when it comes to building, and i dont wanna get in his way when it comes to building the spawn. so douchbag me is pretty much just on the side line watching., hoping not to be in the way or fuck it up anyway.

we've been doing this alot of times and we've just grown tired of it. we both lost the spark and went on other ways.. sadly loosing contact as well. mostly due to the inactivity on the server. we had little to no active members online when we had time to be on the server.

even tough i sometimes want to go back and launch the server, Sam still haven't got the spark, and there is nothing i can do with that. so im sad to say that i dont think the server will launch again.

Rest In Peace Funny Creeper
we had some moments

A Fresh Start

[Player] peanutpower a posted Jan 10, 14

The spark is back so I finally took my time and fixed the server settings and it should be working now!
But the server need new friendly players so time to invite all your friends because it's quite empty here right now. We're also looking for moderators that will help the server to grow and stay a nice place to be at!

if you're interested in becoming a moderator you can PM me through skype or here on the forums.

Remember! Don't apply for mod if you're just here for the rank but for the server's best. i will keep an eye on new moderators and will be hard on you at start. i want serious people that know how to be nice and fair to all players.

skype: peanutpower3

Feed The Beast!

[Player] Funsoms a posted Apr 2, 13
ey, guys! i am experimenting with the FTB server upset. thats right, FunnyCreeper will kick it up a notch and open a FTB server.

we are not sure if it will work or when it will be up. all we know is that we are working on it.

if you'r not sure what FTB are, you can check it out here:

i will also try to do some filming while im on the server :P